06-21-1971 – Complete Show

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Grateful Dead
Chateau d’Herouville (a.k.a “The Honky Chateau”)
Herouville, France
June 21, 1971
Multi Camera Pro-shot

Partial Morning Dew (B&W)
Hard To Handle (Color)
China Cat Sunflower (B&W)
I Know You Rider (B&W)
Deal (Color)
Partial Black Peter (Color)
Sugar Magnolia (Color)
Sing Me Back Home (B&W)

The group’s most exotic gig in 1971 was a one-shot in France.

“We went over there to do a big festival, a free festival they were gonna have, but the festival was rained out. It flooded. We stayed at this little chateau which is owned by a film score composer who has a 16-track recording studio built into the chateau, and this is a chateau that Chopin once lived in; really old, just delightful, out in the country near the town of Auvers sure Oise, which is where Vincent Van Gogh is buried. …” Garcia said.

“We were there with nothing to do: France, a 16-track recording studio upstairs, all our gear, ready to play, and nothing to do. So, we decided to play at the chateau itself, out in the back, in the grass, with a swimming pool, just play into the hills. We didn’t even play to hippies, we played to a handful of townspeople in Auvers. We played and the people came — the chief of police, the fire department, just everybody. It was an event and everybody just had a hell of a time — got drunk, fell in the pool. It was great.”

–Jerry Garcia–

Some of the Grateful Dead show at Hérouville were broadcast in France by the “The Second Channel” of the ORTF (French Radio and Television Broadcasting) on the July 24, 1971 edition of the rock program “Pop 2”
A second part of the show has been broadcast in Black & White ( don’t know why !) on the November 27, 1971.

Audio has been captured in Mono

The interview conducted with Jerry is really interesting but overdubbed in French.
That overlay doesn’t allow English speakers to truly hear all that’s being said. Of course, if you speak fluent French then you might be able to understand all that Jerry is talking about and all that the translator dude says afterwards.

Btw, if you don’t speak a little French : shame on you !

The Band
Jerry Garcia – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Phil Lesh – Bass, Vocals
Bob Weir – Guitar, Vocals
Ron “Pigpen” McKernan – Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Bill Kreutzmann – Drums

Lineage: VHS master } Roxio VHS to DVD } iMovie’08 7.1.4 } iDVD 7.0.4 } PAL

Audio: (shnid 94356)
SBD -} Master Reel -} Dat -} CD

Transfer Info:
CD -} Samplitude Professional v10.1 -} Adobe Audition v1.5 -} FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
July 18, 2008

Complete Setlist for show:
d1t01 – Truckin’
d1t02 – Loser
d1t03 – Me And Bobby McGee
d1t04 – Next Time You See Me
d1t05 – Morning Dew
d1t06 – Me And My Uncle
d1t07 – Hard To Handle
d1t08 – China Cat Sunflower -}
d1t09 – I Know You Rider
d1t10 – The Promised Land
d1t11 – Deal
d2t01 – Playing In The Band
d2t02 – Big Boss Man
d2t03 – Black Peter
d2t04 – Bertha
d2t05 – Casey Jones
d2t06 – That’s It For The Other One -}
d2t07 – Wharf Rat
d2t08 – Sugar Magnolia
d2t09 – Sing Me Back Home
d2t10 – Johnny B. Goode

Audio Notes:
— Disc change is seamless
— The intro to Truckin’ is cut
— First few notes to Me And My Uncle are cut
— Thanks to Rob Eaton for the discs
— Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

– Video assets courtesy of hbtoulouse from PAL version seeded at TTD.
– SBD audio courtesy of the LossLess Legs.
– Audio synchronization by Kevin Tobin using Adobe Audition to compress/expand the audio in multitrack mode to match the original audio.
– Video patches created with Ulead VideoStudio 9 by Kevin Tobin.
– Multiplexing via TMPGEnc MPEG Editor by Kevin Tobin.
– DVD authoring via DVD Architect 4.5 by Kevin Tobin.

Audio\Video Faults:
I’m not going to begin to document the massive number of cuts that I found in this amazing video – the POP 2 editors did a fairly good job in most places where the cuts were almost seamless but when compared to the Miller soundboard, large chunks of every song were missing. Morning Dew and Black Peter were left incomplete, however missing footage between existing clips were filled in to allow for the music to flow and short lead-in or lead-out footage was added. The rest of the songs are now complete. I spent almost 40 hours matching the existing video and filler with the intent of making it as close to possible – this was after the time I spent syncing the existing video to the Miller soundboard. I enjoyed and appreciate the original footage supplied by hbtoulouse and have made these modifications with his blessing. I also put the songs in the correct order and moved the Jerry interviews to a seperate section. I only hope you enjoy this as much as I do as it doesn’t really get much better than this.

This is the un-encoded PAL version.

YouTube Channel: Kevin Tobin


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