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Henry J. Kaiser Covention Center
Oakland, California

There are not too many shows on this date in history. The show back in ’68 was a barnburner, but the recordings of it on Archive are very rough. With no available recordings of the ’70 show, that leaves the ’72 and ’85 ones. The 1972 is a real gem, but the ’85 is also a very nice show for the era. In the end, we decided to make the eighties show our Dead of the Day, though the earlier one is also outstanding. The boys come out of the gate with a fiery Hell In A Bucket with Bobby at his cheesy best. The Sugaree that comes next is incredible, filling the historic Kaiser Convention Center with pure energy. A few tunes later, an effervescent Althea pops and explodes in superlative fashion. At the end of the set, we also get a...