Heads' Tales

Heads’ Tales is a podcast that captures stories about people’s experiences with the Grateful Dead. From going on tour to trading tapes to meeting Heads in Botswana, we will record, save, and share the rich and varied memories that people have of getting on the bus and having the Grateful Dead as an instrumental part of their life.

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Heads' Tales Season 1, Episode 1
S1 E1 – Intro to Heads’ Tales and interview with Jeff, founder of Grateful Dead of the Day
In this inaugural episode, we introduce the Heads’ Tales podcast and host Margaret LeJeune interviews Jeffrey Kosiorek, one of the founders of Grateful Dead of the Day.
Heads' Tales Season 1 Episode 2
S1 E2 Chris Stone of GratefulPhoto.com
This week, we catch up with Chris Stone of Grateful Photo. Growing up in the Bay Area with a penchant for photography and the Grateful Dead, Chris went to several dozen shows and shot some incredible photos of the band at several of them. We discuss his experiences with the Dead, his photographic practice, and […]
Heads' Tales Season 1 Episode 3
S1 E3 Chris Todt
This week, we catch up with Chris Todt who grew up in the Philadelphia area and first got turned on to the Dead by the In the Dark album. But it would not be until college that Chris really got on the bus, seeing his first show, with that incredible Unbroken Chain breakout, on March […]
Heads' Tales podcast season 1 episode 4
S1 E4 – Tom Ribe Hanging with the Dead in Santa Fe
In this episode, we spend some time with Tom Ribe, a long-time Head who grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and now makes his home in Santa Fe. In between, he lived across the West and saw the Grateful Dead throughout the region. Tom talks about hanging with the band before the 1983 run at Santa Fe Downs, braving a nasty blizzard to get to a show in Arizona, and first turning on to the music by way of the early studio albums and some of Bear’s finest in the Jemez Mountains.
Heads' Tales Season 1 Episode 5
S1 E5 Max Wiener, Young Head and Grateful Dead of the Day Contributor
This week, we meet up with Max, a young Head who has written over 90 reviews for the website. Though only on the bus for five years, coming in by way of John Mayer and Dead and Co., Max’s tale of falling in love with the Dead by listening to countless hours of shows and hearing stories from wizened Heads will be familiar to any Deadhead. Max also provides a primer and roadmap to anyone who wants to take a dive into the band beyond description. Enjoy!
Heads' Tales S1 E6
S1 E6 In the Shadow of the Sphinx: Don Defenderfer
Winterland in the 70s, the hiatus shows, and Egypt 1978 are just some of the greatest moments in the history of the Grateful Dead that our guest this week, Don Defenderfer, experienced in the flesh. Margaret and I were thrilled to listen to his intimate and captivating stories and were just as floored by his […]
Heads' Tales Season 1 Episode 7
S1 E7 Teri: Searching for the Prophet
Our guest this week, Teri, grew up Mormon listening to The Cure in Salt Lake City. In her early twenties, her ex-husband turned Teri onto the Dead, in time to catch her first shows at the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl in ’93. But it was not until a Brown-Eyed Women the next year at the […]
Heads' Tales podcast, Season 1, Episode 8
Joel Liebman: The Building of a Deadhead
You may know Joel from our Facebook page, where he has been a major contributor over the years. If not, you will quickly find out on this episode that he is a knowledgeable and passionate Deadhead who listens to tapes all day long while working hard in his studio building beautiful handmade art deco furniture. […]
Heads' Tales podcast Season 1, Episode 9
Joel Bryk: A Deadhead Digital Hoarder
Following a heavy metal phase in junior high, Joel discovered the Dead in the late eighties. And since then, he has, in his own words, “spent an unfathomable amount of time collecting, listening to, and obsessing over all things Grateful Dead.” That obsession included taking in a healthy number of shows and amassing an impressive […]