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Dead Guests: Another New Feature

June 1, 2023

Today, we are unveiling another new feature at Grateful Dead of the Day: information about all the many guests that the Dead welcomed to the stage. It is all part of our effort, aided by our Patreons, to make Grateful Dead of the Day the definitive guide to the band beyond description.

You can access all this guest information in a number of ways. First, there is a new menu item, Dead Guests, on the website that will bring you to a complete list of all the people who we know have shared the stage with the Dead. From there, you can click through to individual guests to see what shows they participated in. You will also find a new segment at the bottom of each show page that lists the guests – if there were any – at the show.

screenshot of guests at this show functionality on Grateful Dead of the Day
The new display on the February 11, 1970, Fillmore East show page

Currently, we have identified and included on the site 116 different guests who joined the band 312 times over the years. We compiled this list from the recordings on Archive and benefited greatly from the hard work done by several folks already: The Grateful Dead Guide’s “The Crowded Dead Stage 1967-1975”, Eyesoftheworld94’s “All Grateful Dead Guest Sit-Ins ’66 to ’95” compilation on Archive, Jeff Lester’s “Bruce Hornsby’s Grateful Dead Performance History,” and Ned Base, the definitive guide to all things Ned Lagin.

Every week, we intend to profile a new guest, providing a bio for the person and breaking down their time with the Grateful Dead. So, stay tuned for those!

And, we will continue to add to our data about Dead guests here at Grateful Dead of the Day as we come across more information. So, please drop us a line if you know of any additional guests or want to add to or correct some of the material that we already have.

Support us on Patreon to help us build new features like this one, unlock an ad-free experience, and more, including the satisfaction of knowing that you are instrumental in making Grateful Dead of the Day even better!


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  1. Jerry O'Rourke Avatar
    Jerry O’Rourke

    wow! thanks! I visit your site every day, and my GD library is growing quite voluminous, indeed.
    Keep up the great posting!

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