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Videos on Grateful Dead of the Day

July 10, 2023

Eagle-eye visitors to the site might have already seen that we have re-introduced videos to the website. Up to this point, we have over 400 videos on the site and are adding more daily.

You can see a complete list of all the videos on Grateful Dead of the Day, which is now accessible via a menu button. And any date that we have video of has links to those videos at the bottom of the main show page.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new content and functionality. And also let us know if you see any errors with the dates or titles of the videos.

For those of you who remember the videos on the old site, you may recall that many of them turned into dead links (and not the good kind) over time as the videos were removed from YouTube. This time around, we have built a system that checks YouTube daily to make sure all our videos are still active. It also alerts us to new Grateful Dead videos that pop up on YouTube, allowing us to add those to the site as well.

If you have made it this far, I figured I would also give a little insight into what YouTube channels we are drawing these videos from. First, we have added all the videos from the official Grateful Dead channel.

We have also added nearly all of Christopher Hazard’s videos. For those of you not familiar with Christopher’s work, he has done an outstanding job of upgrading and archiving hundreds of Dead video – taking nearly unwatchable video in some cases and turning them into silky smooth goodness – and adds more on a weekly basis. Grateful Dead of the Day is a Patreon supporter of Christopher’s efforts (just as we donate monthly to Archive). And if you have the means, we recommend becoming a supporter of Christopher as well.

Of course, we would also love it if you would support Grateful Dead of the Day on Patreon. All Patreon supporters get early access to features and content (like these new videos), an ad-free experience on Grateful Dead of the Day, a free sticker and other swag, as well as other great benefits in the future. Plus, you get the satisfaction of supporting the best website for the band beyond description (not to mention our eternal gratitude).


One response to “Videos on Grateful Dead of the Day”

  1. Stephen Wilson Avatar
    Stephen Wilson

    This site is an absolute masterpiece !
    Has rekindled my love of the Dead by posting so many good,great and bad concerts.thank god for (Bear&Betty et al)and all the tapers,without whom all this would be just a dream

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