The Grateful Dead & Joan Baez – Unreleased Studio Album

Video description:

A Joan Baez studio album, with the Grateful Dead backing her, which was recorded in 1980, but never released.

Produced by Mickey Hart (Baez was dating Hart at the time).

Recorded at the Barn, Novato, CA 1980.

1. (For The) Children Of The Eighties (0:00)
2. Don’t Blame My Mother (5:41)
3. Marriott, USA (9:43)
4. Happy Birthday, Leonid Brezhnev (15:33)
5. Lady Di (20:16)
6. Lucifer’s Eyes (25:29)
7. Warriors of the Sun (29:38)
8. Jack-a-Roe (38:17)

Thanks to everyone who made these tracks available.

YouTube Channel: Chinacat Sunflower


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