New Speedway Boogie – 1970 Festival Express

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Video description:

All editing done by me, mostly in Vegas pro 18.
1080p BD source, upscaled/augmented at 4k resolution
This should look notably cleaner than the actual blu ray, but some people are in love with film grain. I’m sorry. 🙂
YouTube compression also does a number. Youtube file size is only 631MB. The ProRes “Master is 33.0 GB, the H265 Production export is ~9.5GB

I hope everyone enjoys this 🙂
Have a wonderful day!

If you are able, please consider helping out to keep this train moving with one of the options below. Literally every penny goes to equipment and overhead costs.
Thank you to everyone who has chipped in to help make this possible over the past year.
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Patreon members… coming soon, ,access to masters of my works direct from my cloud drives. I have had to buy multiple cloud drives to avoid hitting daily quotas and being locked out of my own drives to offer this. Once you have it, you’re free to do with it as you wish 🙂
I will be making a new $5 patreon tier because they take a huge% of the $3.00 tier money (to encourage higher tier prices, of course)
I will be distributing masters. Please contact me by email. Because of large file sizes it is far more difficult to get these to people. Most full shows are 50GB+ .. (because of the video enhancement AND the lossless audio tracks) Hard drives aren’t cheap right now because of a lot of reasons so please be patient. My cloud drives have daily quotas, I have to be very careful to not run out of transfer space on a daily basis.

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