12-31-1987 – Complete Show

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Can someone tell me the back-story on the shirt bobby’s wearing? I genuinely do not know and all I do know is it looks like a bleached version of the shirt he wore to pretty much literally every other show throughout 1987 (this one in black, madonna, and maybe one other shirt)

I usually down-sample an AAC export specifically for YouTube myself instead of letting their algorithms handle it, I did not do that with this show.

Special thanks to Outpost North for sourcing and time-coding the FLAC to the video content.

I assume this is a Healy ultramatrix, i will have to ask him and/or Charlie miller. (might be one of his boards) I apologize for this part, lot of things happening at once to keep up with.

Another point is I plan on re-rendering this video as this was done before I had gotten used to using/tuning my de-interlacing process, which can absolutely make all the difference in what the end-product looks like, and though this looks “great” i can already see how it could look “a lot better”

Ok, I’m done critiquing myself for the day. Hope everyone loves this show 🙂

full lineage to come

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