12-31-1980 – First Set

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How you can support this channel: (NEED: Equipment upgrades)
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Please consider supporting new equipment costs. I need to upgrade my hardware and keep up with the overhead costs of maintaining the computers and associated costs. Every single dollar counts!!!! You guys are AMAZING. We have raised over 20% of the “need” within a span of less than 2-weeks. I did not even plan on starting a real fundraiser through normal channels until January. As of 12/26, we are inching up on being able to purchase a THIRD graphics card — I am absolutely taken back by the amount of support shown from viewers of this page. You guys are amazing. So much love.
Once again, thank you to all who have pitched in so far, you guys are absolutely amazing and am a little taken back by how much support this community has shown to keep the videos pumping.
If you have extra computing equipment that you think might be useful, please contact me at the address on my paypal. Thank you.

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