12-31-1978 – I Need a Miracle

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If you are able, please support the continuing upgrades of these videos if you are able, every single dollar goes STRAIGHT TO NEEDED EQUIPMENT!!!:
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All donations go STRAIGHT TO EQUIPMENT that is needed to carry out the work needed to get through the amount of video that needs to be processed. This takes a lot of powerful equipment and other associated overhead that comes with running a bunch of workstations being fully throttled rendering 4k video 24/7. 🙂
Upscaling from 480i to 2160p done by me (as is all upscaling on this youtube page)

Final release is in MKV container with
Charlie mlller 2.0 FLAC
Keivn Tobin DTS
This video in h265 hvec (set to highest quality)
Approx 15GB

Have a wonderful day, hope you enjoy this as much as i do 🙂

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