11-03-1991 – Touch of Grey

Video description:

Video source was 480p at 29.97FPS
I did the upscaling work to get it to 1080p (left the framerate alone)
Charlie Miller SBD
This was originally from the old wolfgang vault and hasn’t been circulated much.

This was a pretty decent file as it was and came out pretty amazing. One of the cleanest pro shots I have worked on.

Thanks to lazyd for his contributions here, and to Kevin at Brokedown House Productions who is currently helping me with the rest of the audio work that will go into the production master. (24-bit SBD upgrade + more)
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Grateful Dead | “Laughter, Love, And Music” At The Polo Field in Golden Gate Park | San Francisco, CA | 11/3/1991


Set One: Hell In A Bucket
China Cat Sunflower-~
I Know You Rider
Wang Dang Doodle**
Born On The Bayou*
Green River*
Bad Moon Rising*
Proud Mary*
The Other One-~
Wharf Rat-~
Sunshine Daydream

Encore: Forever Young***
Touch of Grey

* John Fogerty, guitar and vocals
**John Popper Blues Traveler, harmonica
*** Neil Young, guitar and vocal

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