09-17-1991 – Complete Show

Lazy Cow shot footage, Charlie Miller soundboard, and Christopher Hazard remaster? I’d say we have ourselves a beauty from Madison Square Garden!

Video description:

Night EIGHT of the famed 1991 MSG run. Taped by Lazy Cow. Some of the best audience shot videos in existence, video remastered, new soundtrack (thanks charlie miller!!) This 480i video is now 1080p 60 frames per second
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Upgraded with Charlie Miller’s FLAC2488 master of Don pearson’s UltramatrixSBD

Thanks to Josh Davis for his help with this entire run! Doing some real heavy duty lifting to help me get these all published on time!!!!

Edited/Upgraded/upscaled and augmented from 480i to 1080p by me…

Thanks to Josh “gratefuldavis” for his help on this project with audio and video prep work! (he took care of the deinterlacing tasks on most of this run and did a magnificent job.. Learned fast under a lot of pressure and is a welcome addition to the team (“team” meaning “me and josh” )

Notes… there is some weird vertical banding that has been present in some of these tapes, mostly on the right side of the screen. I think this may have to do with the distortion from the telescopic lens used by lazy cow productions.. I was considering doing a lens correction on these (you can see how the top of the frame curves down to the center) but time didn’t allow.
Video: 480i source is de-interlaced using motion vectors to achieve a “perfect” 480p60fps (no frame blending, each frame becomes an “image” like true progressive video), each individual frame is exported to a lossless image file (average of 500,000 images per show) and edited individually for spatial/temporal noise, contrast, brightness, and then each frame is ran through numerous neural networks which augment each image using large datasets to “fill in missing data” as needed while trying to not distort the original file. This is how we are able to increase a 480i file to 1080p or 4k using artificial intelligence. This process takes up multiple terabytes per show in storage and requires a lot of heavy duty computational power.

Each sequence of images requires a “best guess” of which dataset will do the best augmentation on each upscale pass, until the images are all at 1080p/4k. The ~500,000 images are then put into Vegas Pro and rendered filtered again (lightly) to filter out temporal noise/artifacts and flickering. Then the image sequence is rendered to H265 10-bit at constant quality factor “10”

With this video, I converted all DVD files to MKV and merged them to create one continuous show, remixed with ultramatrix FLAC24 track from Charlie Miller (all songs flattened out into one long track to sync with the video, also had to extract the flac from original file and convert to PCM in order to merge the MKV files, as MKV with FLAC does not merge properly)

The resulting video is “remixed” with the original source audio and usually augmented further with multiple audio sources. I upload my “personal favorite source” in the youtube upload.

Yes, I usually prefer audio mastered by Charlie miller.
Original lineage, shortened to remove redundant info that is up top. This lineage applies to all MSG 91 shows on my channel.
All the thanks in the world to the people who originally recorded and mastered this material. Quality in~quality out

Grateful Dead
September 16, 1991
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Lazy Cow Production

Video: AUD (Tripod) Master
Grateful Dead
09/13/91 (Fri)
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY
Video: 1st or 2nd generation Audience VHS
(720 x 480 NTSC 29.97fps 7.2 mbps VBR-Set 1, 8.4mbps VBR-Set 2).

Audio: DSBD ~ DAT ~ CD ~ EAC ~ FLAC
(Sound was cleaned\modified prior to being used for dvd).
(lpcm 1536kbps Stereo 48Khz).
From The Udders of Lazy Cow.


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