09-12-1988 – Complete Show

Video description:

Grateful Dead
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

Video supplied by Lazy Cow
Captured by Ray B
Synch/Author by Taperguy 27
Audio supplied by Darryl Hinko

Video: AUD (Tripod) S-VHS S-VHS 1st gen
Master: JVC Single Tube Camera, Nak 300 Shotguns Panasonic AG-7400 Panasonic AG-7400 S-VHS Master
Transfer: S-VHS – S-VHS 1st gen JVC HR-5393014 Canopus ADVC110 HP Compaq Presario Vegas 6 AVI Architect 3 (Ray & TG27)
NTSC 4:3
[D1 7,753 kbs, D2 7,748 & D3 7,749 kbs]
720X480 29.97 fps
AUdio Synch done using Vegas 6.0
DVD Authored with Architect 3.0

Audio: SBD/Matrix cd (eac, secure) SHN
1.5 Mbs

Set 1/DVD 1:

Jack Straw
Never Trust A Woman
Dire Wolf
Dupree’s Diamond Blues
When Push Comes to Shove
Music Never Stopped

DVD 2/Set 2:

Box Of Rain
Cold Rain And Snow
Women Are Smarter
Eyes Of The World

DVD 3:

The Other One
Wharf Rat
Around And Around
Good Lovin’
Knockin” On Heaven’s Door

DVD Audio Notes:

*Cam audio used on disc one from beginning to 00:20;25.
*Audio drop out from 44:29;23 to 45:32;17 on disc one. Replaced with cam audio.
*Audio drop out at 34:38;05 to 35:35;17 on disc two. Replaced with cam audio.
*Audio drop out at 37:14;28 to 37:27;05 on disc three. Replaced with cam audio.
*Cam audio used on disc three from 46:15;07 to 46:27;17

YouTube Channel: voodoonola


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