09-06-1991 – First Set

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Video description:

This video upgrade is sourced from the excellent “Less Than Face” taping of this show. (Full lineage at bottom)

Source DVD was converted to MKV, m2s file stripped from MKV and de-interlaced to 480p30.
Video imported into Vegas Pro and underwent some spatial and temporal noise reduction, trying to preserve as much detail asa possible while removing noise/grain/static/dirt/scratches from the original video. Very minor black level adjustments and color correction

Video was upscaled multiple times to get from 480p to 1080p (1440×1080, maintaining the original aspect ratio). Video textures were augmented with AI modeling on the upscale to enhance detail and to preserve fidelity. Video was a drawn out frame-by-frame onto a 1440×1080 canvas to create this video — an effective increase of 450% in “canvas size” over the original video.

The original soundboard was remixed back into the “new” video to finish off this modern art masterpiece 🙂

Thanks to Less than Face productions for the already excellent source… Better sources make stellar upgrades possible.
If you are able, please consider helping out to keep this train moving with one of the options below. Literally every penny goes to equipment and overhead costs. This is a VERY expensive “hobby” to keep doing. (I have spent over 10,000 dollars on equipment in the past year and just maintaining things costs hundreds per month not including actually buying new hardware. This is not easy work.)
Thank you to everyone who has chipped in to help make this possible over the past year.
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Grateful Dead
Richfield Coliseum
Richfield, OH


Video: Panasonic 3240 (tripod) master VHS JVC S20U
canopus ADVC1394 avi Vegas 9.0 mpg2 Architect 5.0
Disc 1: DVD5
Disc 2: DVD9

720 x 480, NTSC, 8 Mb/s

Audio: sbd dat c dat cdr

Disc 1 ~ Set 1 [58:25]

Feel Like A Stranger
Wang Dang Doodle
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
It’s All Over Now
Bird Song

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