07-26-1987 – Third Set

Video description:

De-interlaced this video, did some cleanup and VERY modest color correcting
Upscaled/Augmented a few times with cleanup work before/after and in between scaling operations to get from 480i to 2160p (4K) … Effective increase in picture size is 900% from the original master. I increased framerate back to 60fps so it will play as smooth on new TVs as it would have on old CRT TVs. (technical stuff: interlaced video was made for CRT televisions, and only drew half of the picture on each “frame/field,” and since CRT TV relied on phosphorous, the half-drawn picture would make it into the next frame due to retention time, giving an illusion of a true 60 frames per second. What I did is “repair” the interlacing using an algorithm to get full “progressive” frames and more interpolation to get to the “true 60fps” on modern televisions.
Info (to be amended with original lineage)

This set is HEAVILY patched, but it is what we have and be happy we have this much.

All Patchwork done by Kevin Tobin, using various methods and some patches from the other Dylan & Dead shows to keep the video cohesive with the sound.
This took a lot of work to even happen, so be grateful any of it exists at all 🙂 Many thanks to Kevin for his work on patching this video up and just making it work.

Soundboard is downsample of Charlie Miller’s FLAC24/88 Master
Tapes (Audio and Video) originated from Don Pearson who donated his collection to Charlie Miller.
All transfers were from Charlie

If you can help with equipment, it’s always in need. This is an expensive “hobby” and I do not have the financial means to keep up with it by myself. This page exists because of donations to equipment costs, and I genuinely thank everyone who has helped pitch in. Prices have been going up lately, as has the need for more storage and more computing power. Overhead and maintenance get more expensive as we go on. I am not in dire straights right now but help is always appreciated and will always 100% go to the goals of this project (Look at the past year of videos posted to this page if you need references 🙂
I have venmo/cashapp/paypal as well.. will list those later. Don’t feel like donor rapping right now:)

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