07-26-1987 – First Set

Video description:

This is NOT the view from the vault
This is the “video board bootleg version”
I have uploaded two copies of this, both are charlie miller masters, one is the sbd the other is the ultramatrix24
This is the Ultramatrix set
Both have some issues at the beginning, both turn into the best sources as the show goes on. Ulramatrix tapes vary, especially year to year as don adjusted his mics at the sbd. If you really want to learn more, there’s plenty to be learned.

Thank you to Brokedown house productions for the source.
Thank you to Charlie Miller for the Soundboard (and for every tape he masters, bringing what a GD show actually sounded like to the masses. I am forever in Charlie’s debt for his work on audio.

Note: SBD tape is a little wonky at the beginning of this set, but clears up within a song or two. (GET THOSE STORED TAPES TRANSFERRED WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!! 🙂 )
My work: 480i source video — De-interlaced with QTGMC and changed pixel ratio to 1:1 (square pixels) — output to 480 progressive at 60fps – Mild cleanup work, interpolated original video into a 10-bit pipeline, re-rendered to 540p60 — frames extracted to TIFF files — each frame upscaled to 2160p (4k — 400% from 540p) using AI — image sequence rendered back to PRORES422 (10bit) — exported to h264 10-bit using avisynth. (Master copy was exported to x265 10bit with FLAC2488 on soundboard/ultramatrix tracks. remixed Kevin Tobin’s DTS track and a 5.1 LPCM track. (4 total audio tracks)
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