07-14-1990 – Complete Show

Video description:

The Shakedown Stream returned on June 23 to celebrate Robert Hunter’s would-be 80th birthday. Watch the previously unreleased show with an all too appropriate opener.


0:00:19 Shakedown Street
0:13:15 Walkin’ Blues
0:20:21 Far From Me
0:27:58 Candyman
0:35:53 Stuck Inside of Mobile
0:46:50 Ramble On Rose
0:56:03 One More Saturday Night
1:01:03 Take A Step Back
1:02:01 Eyes Of The World
1:16:03 Estimated Prophet
1:28:04 Crazy Fingers
1:35:53 Uncle John’s Band
1:45:09 Drums
1:52:10 Space
2:04:55 I Will Take You Home
2:09:19 I Need A Miracle
2:14:03 Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad
2:19:56 GDTRFB Coda (And We Bid You Goodnight)
2:20:59 Throwing Stones
2:30:40 Turn On Your Love Light
2:37:51 This Could Be The Last Time
2:44:07 And We Bid You Goodnight

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