07-12-1976 – Soundcheck

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Video description:

This is a video remaster of
Grateful Dead
Orpheum Theater
San Francisco, CA.
Multi Camera Pro Shot
April 6, 2022 – C. Hazard

This is what we got 🙂
Hope you enjoy
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Dvd 1
Dancin’ In The Streets (12:07)
They Love Each Other (06:22)
Music Never Stopped (1) (05:13)
Music Never Stopped (2) (03:42)
Stella Blue (1) (04:20)
Let It Shine (07:11)
Stella Blue (2) (09:33)
Let It Grow (00:32)
Eyes of the World (12:07)
Disk Time – 1:01:11

Low gen VHS~JVC SRV10U S-VHS w/TBC & Digital NR engaged~ s-video~ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500~VirtualDub Sync mod w/HuffYUV~AVIsynth 2.5.6 (w/script to clean playback noise using a weighted average of 3 seperate captures, correct the color based on the short clip of color bars at the ~50min mark, then crop video head-switching noise [bottom 16 lines], then center image) (704×480 29.97fps NTSC interlaced – 8227Kbps CBR).

Soundcheck – SBD-~Master VHS-~DAT-~CD
CD-~EAC(in secure mode)-~SHN conversion by AJ – a2k@pacbell.net – May 31st, 2001
special thanks to Charlie Miller and David Gans for providing the material for this seed.

-Video assets courtesy of Awolfoutwest.
-SBD audio courtesy of the Wheel
-Audio synchronization by Kevin Tobin using Adobe Audition to compress/expand the audio in multitrack mode to match the original audio.
-Multiplexing via TMPGEnc MPEG Editor by Kevin Tobin.
-DVD authoring via DVD Architect 3 by Kevin Tobin.
-MD5 checksums files are now being placed in the disk folders to support multiplatform use. Please remove before burning VOB files to dvd disk.

Audio\Video Faults:

Video Attribute :
Video compression mode : MPEG-2
TV system : 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio : 4:3
Display Mode : reserved
Source picture resolution : 704×480 (525/60)
Frame Rate : 29.97
Source picture letterboxed : Not letterboxed
Bitrate : Disk 1 8.226 Mbps
Menu : Yes (song list on separate menu)

Audio Attribute :
Number of Audio channels : 2
Number of Audio streams : 1
Audio Coding mode: Linear PCM audio
Sampling Rate : 48kHz 1536Kbps

Brokedown House Productions

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