07-08-1990 – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

This show was released on video as View from the Vault Vol. 1. View from the Vault, Volume One, sometimes known simply as View from the Vault, is the first release in a series of DVDs and companion soundtracks by the Grateful Dead known as “View from the Vault”. The audio is taken from the soundboard and the video from the video screens at the concerts. The first volume was recorded and filmed at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh on July 8, 1990 with bonus material recorded two days earlier at Cardinal Stadium, Louisville.

Video description:

“When Phil starting singing again in 1984 after a decade hiatus from the vocal microphone, he started with some cover songs like Gimme Some Lovin’ and this Bob Dylan classic, which he first sang with the Grateful Dead on 3/27/85. It remained in the repertoire until 1995, played a few times every year. It always sounded like Phil was having fun when he sang it. It was Phil’s playful lyrical modification ‘I’m going back to San Anselmo’ that inspired me to live in San Anselmo when I lived in Marin County 1999-2006.” – David Lemieux

YouTube Channel: Grateful Dead


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