06-19-1976 – Complete Show

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*Continuing in the theme of scraping together multiple sources to make whole shows from the mid-late 1970s 🙂 .. First time this show has ever had a “complete:” video, too many cuts to count using multiple video sources — and that’s just the start of things… 😀

Full audio and video remaster of
Grateful Dead
Capitol Theatre
Passaic, NJ

From the bill grahm / wolfgang vault originally, too many edits to list right now. Patched with a Charlie Miller SBD … We will post most of what goes into each edit at some point. Every one is a unique thing with unique needs and unique outcomes.

All post production work of the original was performed by Josh Davis and Christoper Hazard
May 7 2022
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Source: Pre-FM Master Reel (WNEW) ~ PCM ~ DAT (44.1k) – Provided by Rich Gastwirt.
Transfer: Dat ~ Panasonic SV-3700 ~ Tascam DA-3000 ~ wav 16/44.1 – Transferred by Charlie Miller
Lineage: wav 16/44.1 ~ iZotope RX6 Advanced ~ iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced ~ CD Wave ~Flac 16

Set I
01 Help On The Way ~
02 Slipknot! ~
03 Franklin’s Tower ~
04 The Music Never Stopped
05 Brown Eyed Women
06 Cassidy
07 They Love Each Other
08 Looks Like Rain
09 Tennessee Jed
10 Playing In The Band

Set II
01 tuning
02 Might As Well
03 Samson And Delilah
04 High Time
05 Let It Grow ~
06 Dancing In The Street ~
07 Cosmic Charlie
08 Around And Around ~
09 Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad ~
10 One More Saturday Night

11 Not Fade Away


– DC offset removed
– Pitch correction
– “Not Fade Away” patched on from shnid 23024 – Thank you cousinit. This has been eq’d so that it is a better fit.
– Station ids have been removed. There was one at the start of “The Music Never Stopped” which was spoken over the music.This has been been patched with shnid 11852 – Thank you Digitalrbb and Charlie Miller.
– A number of clicks and pops have been removed from Set II.

Thanks to Rich Gastwirt for providing this excellent source.

Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer.

edited and mastered
September 2018

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