06-09-1991 – Let It Grow

Video description:

“One of the strongest, most inspired tours of the Dead’s final decade and a half of performing was the Summer Tour of 1991. With the two new keyboardists now fully ensconced in the Grateful Dead’s sound and repertoire, it was an unstoppable machine that hit the road for shows that summer. Countless A+ concerts were on this tour, at Deer Creek, Giants Stadium, RFK, Pine Knob, Soldier Field, and this mighty fine performance at Buckeye Lake in Ohio. Like Bird Song, Let It Grow was one of the longer, more jamming songs the Dead played in their first sets after 1976. Unlike the freeform improvisation of Bird Song, though, Let It Grow was very structured and required precision focus by all seven players, and this one most certainly has that.” – David Lemieux

Directed by Len Dell’Amico and co-produced by Len Dell’Amico and GDP.

YouTube Channel: Grateful Dead


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