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Video description:

Grateful Dead
Rich Stadium – Buffalo – NY
June 6, 1992

Set #1- (Just Over 3 Songs)

Video Source: Pro Shot 3rd Generation (VHS)

Video Capture:
JVC HR-S9911U S-VHS-~Data Video TBC-1000 Time Base Corrector-~
Elite Video BVP4 Broadcast Video Processor-~Pinnacle AV/DV Deluxe 2 Breakout Box-~
Captured at 720 x 480 and 29.97 fps 4:3 NTSC
Audio: (shn #140277)
SBD ~ Cassette Master (TDK SA-X100)
Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) ~ Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz) ~
KORG AudioGate 4 ~ Samplitude Pro X3 Suite ~ FLAC/24
(1 Disc FLAC)
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
December 11, 2017

Video Edits and Audio Synchronization Performed in Vegas 10.0 to Compress/Expand
the Audio to match the original Audio Then Rendered as AVI File-~ Rendered MPEG2-~
(NTSC, 4:3, 8.0 Mbs, 4:3, 29/97 fps)-~ mkvtoolnix gui v28.2.0-~ MKV File

Capture in 2007…Edits September 2018
Pete Ebel

At the start of Touch Of Grey there is bad Video Tearing and Head switching noise.
There are Static video frames when this happens. If not the picture would be snow
and wavy lines. It clears up pretty quickly.

Set #1:
01. Touch Of Grey
02. Greatest Story Ever Told
03. Althea
04. All Over Now…
Grateful Dead – 06/06/92
Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
Edit Details
Pro-shot video
Media Type:
Media Count:
Source Info: Second Set Only SBD~DAT~WAV~CoolEdit~CDWAV~SHN; upgrade in circulation
Brokedown House production – 2nd set only – not seeded at either TTD or LL
Tech Notes:
Grateful Dead
Rich Stadium
Orchard Park, NY

Second Set Only

Iko Iko
Estimated Prophet ~
The Same Thing
He’s Gone ~
Drums ~

Second Set [continued]
Space ~
The Other One ~
The Wheel ~
Throwing Stones ~
One More Saturday Night

Baba O’Riley ~
Tomorrow Never Knows

Video Source:
Low Gen video (proshot – 1st or 2nd generation) ~ Standalone DVD Recorder ~ DVD Decrypter ~ Ulead DVD Workshop 2

Audio Source:
SBD DAT~WAV~CE~CDWAV~CDR & SHN (shnid = 14042)
Transferred from DAT to CDR by Steve Herman [sherman1967@yahoo.com], October 2002.
Original Second Set DAT received from Clay Caroselli, October 1996.
Clay had listed this show as SBD~DAT on his DAT list.
Accroding to www.resourcesfortraders.com, the First Set does not circulate in SBD.
48 kHz DAT to WAV conversion made using Tascam DA-P1 ~ Audiophile 2496 ~ PC.
48 kHz to 44.1 kHz WAV file conversion made using Sound Forge XP 4.5.
Centered & nomalized wav file.
Made appropriate fades where necessary at the beginning/end of disks & sets only.
Provided for an overlap between disks as necessary.
It sounds like the tape was recording during the pre set tuning, paused, then started again just as Iko Iko began.
Iko Iko and Estimated Prophet are littered with static pops which were left unedited. The pops almost entirely clear up by The Same Thing. The set is hindered by a few band ear PA gestures and some non-so-needed affects by Healy.
Significantly reduced 2 nasty dropouts in Iko Iko with only slight remnants of the edits.
Significantly reduced a segment of digital noise near the end of Estimate Prophet with only slight remnant of the edit.
Removed 2 pops from the beginning of The Wheel.
Removed tick from Tomorrow Never Knows.

I downloaded this show from tol. I then Used it to compared to the video soundtrack to find that both waveforms were identical. However, the video soundtrack did not have the diginoise and problems listed above. Since I didn’t want to use a source that had problems, I went ahead and used the video soundtrack after modifying it slightly by reducing the worst of the bass drum noise spikes and then normalizing the entire wave file to 100% – the resulting file had Jerry and Phil much higher in the mix than before.

-Original DVD supplied by Matt Ziegler
-Soundboard Audio downloaded from tol
-Audio normalization by Kevin Tobin using Adobe Audition to
cut down bass drum and bring more Jerry and Phil into the mix.
-Multiplexing and DVD authoring via Ulead DVD Workshop 2 by Kevin Tobin.

Audio\Video Flaws:

Video Attribute :
Video compression mode : MPEG-2
TV system : 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio : 4:3
Display Mode : reserved
Source picture resolution : 720×480 (525/60)
Frame Rate : 30.00
Source picture letterboxed : Not letterboxed
Bitrate : 8.00 Mbps (disk 1&2)
Menu : Yes (song list on separate menu)

Audio Attribute :
Audio Coding mode : Linear PCM audio
Sampling Rate : 48kHz 1536Kbps
Audio application mode : Not specified
Number of Audio channels : 2
Number of Audio streams : 1

Brokedown House Productions

Do NOT buy or sell this video
J-Card Comment:
no md5 from original

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