03-29-1990 – Complete Show

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Video description:

Orignal source from Peanut Productions — Lineage Below

Audio and Video have been augmented

A damn fine show with Branford! 😀

Thanks to Josh (GratefulDavis) for his help on this video!

Source was 480i @ 29.97 FPS, Video is now 1080p @ 59.94 fps.
Ultramatrix SBD 24-bit was the “chosen one” for this video. Thank you Charllie Miller as always.

Video editing / upscale workflow iis confidential.

Thank you all for tuning in!
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Grateful Dead
March 29, 1990
Nassau Coliseum,
Uniondale, NY
A Nuthouse Production
Set 1;
Jack Straw -~
We Can Run
Ramble On Rose
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song -~
The Promised Land
Set 2:
Eyes Of The World ~
Estimated Prophet -~
Dark Star -~
Drums -~
Space -~
Dark Star -~
The Wheel -~
Throwing Stones -~
Turn On Your Lovelight
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Jerry Garcia – Guitar
Bob Weir – Guitar
Brent Mydland – Keyboards
Phil Lesh – Bass
Bill Kreutzmann – Drums
Mickey Hart – Drums
Branford Marsalis – Saxophone
— Branford Marsalis plays saxophone on Bird Song and Promised in Set 1 and
the entire 2nd Set, except for Drums.
Video work done by Peanut Productions
Video Source:
Video: AUD (Tripod) ~ 1st Gen.

Master: JVC Single Tube Camera, Nak 300 Shotguns -~ 0 Decks -~ Panasonic AG-7400 -~S-
VHS Master

Transfer: S-VHS Master -~ Sony SLV-R5UC -~ Panasonic AG-7400 -~ S-VHS 1st Gen.
Transfer: S-VHS 1st Gen. -~ Panasonic AG-7150 -~ Canopus ADVC-100 -~ iMac Core 2 Duo -~
Final Cut Pro 6 -~ Compressor 3 -~ .MPEG2~ TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0 ~ TMPGEnc
Authoring Works 6 ~Bluray
[NTSC, 4:3, 25.0 Mbs, 720×480, 29.97 fps]

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