03-21-1994 – Complete Show

Video description:

This is an AUDIO and VIDEO remaster of:
Grateful Dead
Richfield Coliseum

Some uncirculated goodness 😀

Video notes:
This video comes from the “Nonsmo King” vault many of you may have seen on yotuube by now, we were granted acccess to take the original transfers and do post-production work on the video, mostly color corrections and an upscale to 1080p at 60fps.

There is no existing lineage file that I was given with these videos, but I will tack one on at the request of the taper (mentioned above) — Thank you again for letting us do work on these. I love how they are coming out and the unique perspectives compared to most AUD videos from this time period.

This was already deinterlaced to 59.94 FPS progressive @ 480p by Nonsmo King (or whoever did the transfer. We did a lot of color correction and other work mostly using avisynth scripts.

Audio Notes:
Audio was replaced with the below audio source.
This was originally tracked with an AUD sound source that sounded like it was directly attached to the camera. I do reccomend finding this video on the nonsmo king page to check out some of the FOBS… they are immersive, but obviously we chose to replace it with the FLAC16 soundboard listed below. It is the best known source, and should be enjoyable for everyone 🙂

All post-production work by Josh Davis and Christopher Hazard

July 30, 2022

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Grateful Dead
Richfield Coliseum

Set 1 audio source:
Source: SBD ~ DAT ~ CDR ~ SHNv3

Set 2 audio source:
Recording Info:
Master Soundboard Dat ~ Dat

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony PCM-R500)~ Tascam DA-3000 ~ Adobe Audition 3.0~ TLH flac16

– Thanks to Jim Wise for the Dat source and the transfer
– Thanks to Charlie Miller for coordinating this effort
– The 2nd set of the soundboard in general circulation (shnid6258) has a cassette generation
– Thanks to the folks responsible for the shnid110568 B&K 4011 source which supplies the “Encore Break” as well as the “Liberty” encore
– “He’s Gone” (including Jam) clocks in at 23:50

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