The Star Rating System at Grateful Dead of the Day Explained

The Star Rating System Explained

May 14, 2023

The star rating on every show is a feature that we carried over from the earlier version of the Grateful Dead of the Day website. These ratings do not represent our assessment of the show. Instead, they are a compilation of user ratings. You can add your rating to the conversation by clicking on whatever number of stars you think a given show deserves. 

We also have a page that displays the highest rated shows on Grateful Dead of the Day. Some of the highest rated shows are certainly ranked that way because few folks have given their opinion on that show. And there are other shows – like a personal favorite of mine, 8-13-1975 at the Great American Music Hall in the midst of the hiatus – that are rated quite low. We hope to see more folks offering their opinion about shows via the star ratings (and the comments!).


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