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Site Upgrades

Recent Site Upgrades

06/20/2020 Rate Shows

We are now tracking Heads' ratings for each and every show on the site. And you have the ability to rate all the shows in our database. You can see what the cumulative ratings are for any show by looking at the number of stars directly under the venue and location that are colored red when you go to any show's page. And, to add your rating, just hover over the stars and click the number of stars that you think the show deserves. After you rate the show, you will now see your star rating until you click through to another page or refresh. Your rating will be added to the cumulative ratings just a moment after you rate the show.


04/20/2020 Quiz/Trivia Functionality

We added the quiz functionality to start providing trivia questions. Also added the associated quiz menu page and menu button.

09/29/2019 Changed Grateful Dead Adverts
Changed the functionality of the Grateful Dead advertisements to make use of the Amazon API. Restyled the resulting ads.
09/28/2019 Added Site Upgrades Page

Added this page to provide updates on upgrades and additions to Grateful Dead of the Day.