Robert Hunter Trivia

Trivia on the Grateful Dead lyricist

1. Who was Robert Hunter’s great-great grandfather?

A. Robert Burns

B. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

C. Alfred Tennyson

D. Walt Whitman

2. How did Jerry and Hunter first meet?

A. At Dana Morgan’s Music Store

B. At a production of the musical Damn Yankees

C. When Jerry showed up at a rehearsal for Hunter’s bluegrass band

D. In music class at Palo Alto High School

3. Where was Hunter living when Jerry asked him to return to the Bay Area to work on some songs with the Dead?

A. Kauai

B. Morocco

C. Paris

D. New Mexico

4. What song did Hunter legendarily write based on a 40-minute tape that the Dead provided him?

A. Dark Star

B. Saint Stephen

C. Uncle John’s Band

D. Fire on the Mountain

5. What song was the first that one that Hunter actually wrote with the Dead in the Bay Area?

A. Alligator

B. Saint Stephen

C. Dark Star

D. Cosmic Charlie

6. What three songs did Hunter write in a single afternoon in London while drinking a bottle of Retsina?

A. Ripple

B. Brokedown Palace

C. and To Lay Me Down

D. Touch of Grey

E. West LA Fadeaway

F. and Black Muddy River

G. Casey Jones

H. China Cat Sunflower

I. and Sugar Magnolia

J. Scarlet Begonias

K. China Doll

L. and Ship of Fools

7. What Dead album did Jerry and Hunter write every song on?

A. American Beauty

B. Workingman’s Dead

C. Wake of the Flood

D. Aoxomoxoa

8. What was Hunter’s first solo album called?

A. Jack O’Roses

B. Alligator Moon

C. Tales of the Great Rum Runners

D. Tiger Rose

9. What song did Bruce and Hunter collaborate on for the Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers’ Levitate album?

A. Prairie Dog Town

B. In the Low Country

C. The Black Rats of London

D. Cyclone

10. Hunter and Dylan collaborated on all of the songs but one on what Dylan album?

A. Together Through Life

B. Shadows in the Night

C. Desire

D. Down in the Groove


1. A; 2. B; 3. D; 4. C; 5. C; 6. A; 7. D; 8. C; 9. D; 10. A


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