Pigpen Trivia

Trivia on the original stone jack baller

1. How did Pigpen’s dad help shape Pig’s identity?

A. Pig rebelled against his devout Christian preacher father

B. but also drew on his testifying style.

C. Pig wanted to be sure he never followed in his father’s footsteps as a lifetime shoe store clerk.

D. Pig modeled his style on his father

E. a founding member of the Hell’s Angels.

F. Pig first gained an appreciation for the blues from his father

G. a R&B radio DJ.

2. What was Ron’s nickname before he became known as Pigpen?

A. Blue Ron

B. The Crazy Postman

C. Mad Dog

D. Easy Wind

3. Which of the following was Pig’s drug of choice?

A. Opium

B. Black tar hashish

C. Thunderbird

D. Owsley acid

4. What was the name of Pigpen’s longtime girlfriend?

A. Sue Swanson

B. Veronica Grant

C. Janis Joplin

D. Dusty Street

5. In 1969, Warner Bros. sponsored a contest involving Pig. What was the nature of that contest?

A. It was a Pigpen look-alike contest.

B. It was a contest to bestow a new nickname on Pig.

C. It was a sweepstakes to hang out with Pigpen and Janis.

D. It was a contest to design a new tattoo for Pigpen.

6. At whose wedding did Pigpen serve as best man?

A. Billy Kreutzmann

B. Tom Constanten

C. Jerry Garcia

D. Jorma Kaukonen

7. Where did Pigpen deliver his “Brooklyn Bridge Rap” in the midst of Good Lovin’?

A. Lusk Field House

B. SUNY Cortland

C. Fillmore East


E. Manhattan Center


G. Dillon Gym

H. Princeton University

8. Where did Pigpen play his last concert with the Grateful Dead?

A. The Hollywood Bowl

B. Hollywood


D. The Strand Lyceum

E. London

F. England

G. Winterland Arena

H. San Francisco


J. Salt Palace

K. Salt Lake City


9. On what day did Pigpen die?

A. April 15

B. 1972

C. September 28

D. 1972

E. March 8

F. 1973

G. August 9

H. 1973

10. What song did Robert Hunter say “became an anthem for Pigpen” after his death?

A. Lovelight

B. Big Boss Man

C. Sing Me Back Home

D. He’s Gone


1. D; 2. A; 3. C; 4. B; 5. A; 6. B; 7. D; 8. A; 9. C; 10. D


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