Lovelight Trivia

Get your hands out of your pocket and play some trivia

1. Who originally recorded Lovelight?

A. John Lee Williamson

B. Bobby Bland

C. Carl Perkins

D. Otis Redding

2. What band’s live version of Lovelight brought them to the attention of Decca Records, who ended up signing them?

A. Them

B. The Grateful Dead

C. Pentangle

D. The Animals

3. According to Phil, what got the Dead excited about first playing Lovelight?

A. Listening to The Rascals version on KMPX one night while tripping

B. Overhearing Pigpen and Janis talk about the song

C. Hearing James Cotton play it when James opened for the Dead

D. Having Neal Cassady tell the band they should play it

4. When is the first documented time that the Dead played Lovelight in concert?

A. 2/12/67 at the Fillmore in San Francisco

B. 3/10/67 at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles

C. 8/5/67 at the O’Keefe Center in Toronto

D. 12/27/67 at the Village Theater in New York City

5. On what album did the Dead first release a version of Lovelight?

A. The Grateful Dead

B. Anthem of the Sun

C. Aoxomoxoa

D. Live/Dead

6. Janis Joplin joined the Dead on stage twice, both times singing Lovelight alongside Pigpen. Which of the following is one of those dates?

A. 4/6/69 at the Avalon in San Francisco

B. 5/7/69 at the Polo Grounds in Golden Gate Park

C. San Francisco

D. 12/19/69 at the Fillmore in San Francisco

E. 7/16/70 at the Euphoria Ballroom in San Rafael

7. At what show did Pig deliver his final performance of Lovelight?

A. 5/7/72 at the Bickershaw Festival in Wigan

B. England

C. 5/13/72 at the Fairground in Lille

D. France

E. 5/24/72 at the Lyceum in London

F. England

G. 6/17/72 at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood

H. California

8. When did Bobby break out Lovelight after Pig’s passing?

A. 10/20/74 at Winterland in San Francisco

B. California

C. 10/16/81 at Club Melk Weg in Amsterdam

D. Netherlands

E. 5/28/82 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco

F. California

G. 12/30/82 at the Oakland Auditorium Arena in Oakland

H. California

9. The Dead played Lovelight twice in 1982, both times with guests. Who was the first performer to do Lovelight alongside the boys that year?

A. Boz Scaggs

B. John Belushi

C. Etta James

D. Baba Olatunji

10. What happened to the song Lovelight in 1999?

A. The Joe Scott and Don Robey estates put the song into the public domain under a Creative Commons license.

B. The Backstreet Boys released a version of the song on their album Millenium.

C. The Smithsonian selected James Bland’s original recording for inclusion in the National Recording Registry.

D. The Recording Academy honored the song with induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame


1. B; 2. A; 3. C; 4. C; 5. D; 6. D; 7. C; 8. B; 9. A; 10. D


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