Festivals Trivia

Trivia about the band beyond description’s festival appearances

1. The Dead’s set at what concert convinced a young Elvis Costello to start a band?

A. Bickershaw Festival

B. Woodstock

C. Monterey Pop Festival

D. Hollywood Festival

2. During what festival did Jerry and Bobby famously jam with Janis, Rick Danko, and John Dawson?

A. Monterey Pop Festival

B. Woodstock

C. Festival Express

D. Altamont Free Concert

3. At what festival did the Dead follow The Who on stage and play immediately before Hendrix?

A. Woodstock

B. Altamont Free Concert

C. Mountain Aire Music Festival

D. Monterey Pop Festival

4. The Dead headlined the Mountain Aire II alongside what band?

A. Huey Lewis and the News

B. Santana

C. Allman Brothers

D. The Doobie Brothers

5. The Dead played at what festival organized by Steve Wozniak?

A. Hollywood Festival

B. Farm Aid

C. The US Festival

D. Summer’s End Concert

6. What concert – that the Dead helped organize, but did not play at – did Rolling Stone describe as “rock and roll’s all-time worst day…a day when everything went perfectly wrong?”

A. Altamont Free Concert

B. Monterey Pop Festival

C. Live Aid

D. Street Scene ’84

7. The Dead traveled across the pond for the first time to play what festival?

A. Hollywood Festival

B. Bickershaw Festival

C. Pilton Pop

D. Blues & Folk Festival

E. Isle of Wight Festival

8. What did the Dead close their set with at Woodstock?

A. Dark Star

B. We Bid You Goodnight

C. Cold Rain and Snow

D. Lovelight

9. At what festival did the Grateful Dead appear via satellite?

A. Live Aid

B. The US Festival

C. Farm Aid

D. Woodstock ’94

10. At what festival did the Dead play Fire on the Mountain while the sun rose over the hills?

A. Woodstock

B. Jamaica World Music Festival

C. Mountain Aire

D. The US Festival


1. A; 2. C; 3. D; 4. B; 5. C; 6. A; 7. A; 8. D; 9. C; 10. B


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