Bill Kreutzmann Trivia

Test your knowledge of the man who kept the beat for all 2300 Dead shows

1. How did Billy and Jerry initially meet?

A. At a 1963 hootenanny at the Top of the Tangent where both were playing in different bands

B. When Billy sold Jerry a banjo at Dana Morgan’s music store in 1962

C. At an Army mess hall during basic training when both were briefly enlisted in 1960

D. In 1959 shortly after Jerry and his Mom moved to Sonoma County

2. Who coined the term “Rhythm Devils”?

A. Robert Hunter

B. Bill Walton

C. Francis Ford Coppola

D. Owsley Stanley

3. What member of the band did Billy get in a fight with, causing the cancellation of a show?

A. Pigpen

B. Vince

C. Phil

D. Keith

4. What was the fake name that Bill Graham and others occasionally referred to Billy by in 1967?

A. Bill Sommers

B. Clifton Hanger

C. The Crazy Postman

D. Johnny Salami

5. What was the name of the circular, drum-laden bar (pictured below) that Billy and Mickey created in the late 1970s?

A. The Beast

B. The Beam

C. Earthquake Country

D. The Well

6. What band did Billy and Brent form while Jerry recovered from his coma?

A. Kokomo

B. The Billy Kreutzmann All-Stars

C. Trichromes

D. Go Ahead

7. What author encouraged a high school aged Billy to keep playing the drums?

A. Ken Kesey

B. Jack Kerouac

C. Aldous Huxley

D. Ernest Hemingway

8. What was the title of the 1995 documentary that Billy was the executive producer on?

A. Backstage Pass

B. Hells Angels Forever

C. Ocean Spirit

D. Planet Drum

9. Where does Billy currently own a farm?

A. Marin County

B. Kauai

C. Big Sur

D. Taos

10. What was the name of Billy’s first band after Jerry passed away?

A. Backbone

B. Trichromes

C. SerialPod

D. BK3


1. B; 2. C; 3. D; 4. A; 5. A; 6. D; 7. C; 8. C; 9. B; 10. A


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