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Introducing the New Website!

May 3, 2023

Today we are excited to reveal a new Grateful Dead of the Day website. The new build provides a better user experience – with a brand new audio player – and enables us to add features and content going forward.

We are also unveiling a Grateful Dead of the Day Patreon community. Becoming a member will immediately remove the pesky Google ads from the website and get you a sweet Grateful Dead of the Day sticker. In the future, all Patreon supporters will get early access to new content, be eligible for giveaways and opportunities, and be able to use special members only features on the website. Most importantly, becoming a member on Patreon also helps support our efforts and earns you our gratitude and unlimited devotion.

Another new feature that we have going is a Grateful Dead of the Day monthly mailing list to let you know about events, new content and features, and other cool information. Don’t worry, we will never give out your personal information. Sign up for it all now!

Over the coming days and weeks, we are going to continue to have some more blog posts that explore the new website, introduce the people behind it, and explain our plans for Grateful Dead of the Day in this new era. Support us and give us your input on what you want from the website. And most importantly, keep enjoying the music!

Finally, we have done everything that we could to test the site. But if you see anything amiss or something is not working properly, please let us know.


3 responses to “Introducing the New Website!”

  1. Colm Avatar

    When I pause a song and then hit play again, it restarts the song. No bueno. But I love the effort for improvement

    1. Jeff Avatar

      Hah! That is to keep you on your toes. Seriously, we will fix that momentarily. Thanks for pointing it out!

    2. Jeff Avatar

      We made some changes, and the pause/play should be working for you now. Let us know if you have any issues with player or anything else! And thanks again for your feedback.

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