Heads' Tales Season 1 Episode 3

S1 E3 Chris Todt

June 8, 2023

This week, we catch up with Chris Todt who grew up in the Philadelphia area and first got turned on to the Dead by the In the Dark album. But it would not be until college that Chris really got on the bus, seeing his first show, with that incredible Unbroken Chain breakout, on March 19, 1995. In the episode, we talk about all this and more, including Jerry calling for shows on Chris’s stereo in the week after his passing.

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Some of the shows mentioned in this episode:

07-09-1995 – Soldier Field – The Black Muddy River clip is from a Pat Walsh audience recording that was transferred by Tony Suraci.

03-19-1995 – The Spectrum – The clip of the Alabama Getaway opener is from an audience tape by David Boedicker. And the Unbroken Chain is from a front of the board recording transferred by Pete Ebel.

04-07-1995 – Tampa Stadium – The clips of Visions of Johanna and Eyes of the World are from a tape by Andy Trate.

10-11-1983 – Madison Square Garden – The Saint Stephen breakout clip is from an audience tape transferred by Kyle Holbrook.

09-14-1990 – Madison Square Garden – The Scarlet Begonias is from an audience recording and transfer by Ray Ackerman, which was later transferred by Charlie Miller and Joel Noel.

05-22-1977 – Sportatorium – The Help on the Way clip is from an audience recording of unknown origin in the collection of Doug Lamarre, which was transferred by Matt Vernon and edited and mastered by SIRMick.

Other music in the episode:

Touch of Grey from 07-04-1987 – Sullivan Stadium is from a front of the board audience recording, which Mike Lai converted from Bruce Fried’s DAT.

Wharf Rat from 03-30-1987 – The Spectrum is from an audience recording transferred by chasingwilma.

Sunshine Daydream from 06-11-1976 – Boston Music Hall is from a recording by Jerry Moore, which was converted by Mark Cohen and David Minches.

The Other One by Phil Lesh and Friends from 11-28-2013 is from a recording uploaded by Matthew Vernon.


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