Heads' Tales Season 1 Episode 2

S1 E2 Chris Stone of GratefulPhoto.com

May 25, 2023

This week, we catch up with Chris Stone of Grateful Photo. Growing up in the Bay Area with a penchant for photography and the Grateful Dead, Chris went to several dozen shows and shot some incredible photos of the band at several of them. We discuss his experiences with the Dead, his photographic practice, and how the band beyond description has influenced his life.

Show Notes


Grateful Photo is Chris’s photography website.

Deadhead Storiesis the book that Chris contributed to with his story of a cool person he met on an off night during the Warfield run.

And Chris has a credit on Let There Be Drums, the movie by Justin Kreutzmann, Billy’s son.

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Some of the shows mentioned in this episode:

August 14, 1981 – Seattle Center Coliseum – The clip from Promised Land is from Mark Severson’s FOB master that Charlie Miller, Brian Schley, Joe B. Jones, and Scott Clugston transferred and reworked.

August 15, 1981 – Portland Memorial Coliseum

August 16, 1981 – McArthur Court, University of Oregon – The Fire on the Mountain and clip of Drums with Kesey’s thunder machine are from Paul B’s audience recording.

September 26, 1980 – Warfield Theater – The clips from Dark Hollow and Ripple are both from Mark Severson’s master, which was helped along by Charlie Miller, Joe B. Jones, and Scott Clugston.

April 22, 1979 – Spartan Stadium, San Jose State University – The clips from Minglewood and LL Rain are once again from Mark Severson’s FOB master that Charlie Miller, Rhinehart Holwein, Joe B. Jones, and Scott Clugston furthered.

December 31, 1981 – Oakland Auditorium Arena – The clip of Ken Kesey’s Gong Bong is from a Brokedown House Production tape transferred by Kevin Tobin.

December 28, 2015 – Dead and Company – Bill Graham Civic Center – The clip of Not Fade Away from an audience tape uploaded by edog.

Other music in the episode:

Long Train Runnin’ by Reconstruction is from a 1979 KPFA broadcast.

Jack Straw, Althea, and Shakedown Street are from August 4, 1979 – Oakland Auditorium Arena. Our clips are from Mark Severson’s master that was transferred, corrected, and remastered by Charlie Miller, Joe B. Jones, and Scott Clugston.


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