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Heads’ Tales Tease

May 10, 2023

The Dead loved their teases: the infamous Cosmic Charlie from 1994 or the sweet Stephen in the midst of GSET in 1972. This is ours: we have a new podcast called Heads’ Tales that will drop Thursday. 

Heads’ Tales aims to capture stories about people’s experiences with the Grateful Dead. From going on tour to trading tapes to meeting Heads in Botswana, we will record, save, and share the rich and varied memories that people have of getting on the bus and having the Grateful Dead as an instrumental part of their life.

Our Patreon supporters got an early look at the first episode yesterday. Become a supporter of Grateful Dead of the Day and you will continue to get this and other new content early as well as other cool bennies.

Otherwise, check Heads’ Tales out this Thursday here on Grateful Dead of the Day or at your favorite source for podcasts.


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