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Dead of the Day: December 1, 1971

Boston Music Hall
Boston, Massachusetts

While the 1966 show from this day provides some epic early Dead and the ’73 show is quite good, for our Dead of the Day we turn to the ’71 show and its completely off the hook Other One Suite. Though a soundboard recording (top left) covers that incredible madness in the second set, the rest of the show is only available on an audience tape (bottom left). The sound might be a little rough on the aud, but it gives you a sense of the scene at the 3500-seat Boston Music Hall. Listening to the audience recording, you also get treated to some real gems from the first set, starting with the opening Truckin’. The Sugaree, Comes A Time, and Jack Straw are all standouts of the early going as well. At the end of the set, Casey Jones and One More Saturday Night also merit notice as rocking, heady barn burners. The second set has a beautiful Bobby McGee, but, as we already mentioned, it is The Other One Suite that is the real draw. The boys come into The Other One with so much energy, Jerry scorching off into the ether while Keith keeps things grounded with his keys. After they wind down into a meandering little exploration, they then launch into the stratosphere again with a scorching jam as Phil bombs away. The rest of the way is similarly all over the map as the boys take it through everything from spacey sauntering idles to driving, focused territory before descending into a menacing little section at the very end. It is out of that dark place that they suddenly ease into Me And My Uncle. On the other side, they stumble right back into The Other One, continuing the same face-melting mixture of quality playing. From there, Phil and Billy lead the boys into a stellar NFA> GDTRFB> NFA. It is a scorcher, and the transition from Goin’ Down The Road into Not Fade Away is so sweet.

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