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Dead of the Day: September 2, 1983

Boise Pavilion, Boise State University
Boise, Idaho

There are a number of awesome shows on this day, from the ’68 stand at the organic raspberry patch to the ’88 concert at the Capital Centre. But for our Dead of the Day we are going back to 1983 and an overlooked gem of a show from Boise, Idaho. The boys open the show with the old Willie Dixon tune, Wang Dang Doodle, ushering in the ball and promising to pitch it all night long, and backing it up with some feisty rocking. The Dead continue to shred on Jack Straw, as Jerry absolutely scorches the mid-song jam then sounds like he is doing windmills as they come back with the last verse. Though a bit more relaxed, the They Love Each Other that comes out next is just as tasty. In fact, the rest of the set rocks. But give the Minglewood a close listen as Bobby takes to the slide and tears it up alongside Jerry, Phil, and Brent who all put in their own indelible effort as the jam reaches a feverish level. The second set is even hotter, so you better settle in, starting with the Help> Slip> Franklin’s that takes the Dead out of set break. The jamming from the end of Help On The Way straight through Franklin’s is ridiculously heady. Then Estimated comes out, and it is powerful, but even more impressive as it brings forth a simply amazing Eyes of the World. Jerry flashes serious guitar as the boys make the transition into Eyes. The fiery playing continues through an incredible series of jams, making for a transcendent passage, especially as the Eyes begins to drift into Drums. The boys are so inventive and exploratory this night that even the Throwing Stones, which emerges out of Space, has an innovative jam in the middle of it. After GDTRFB and Black Peter - both great versions - the set ends with a sensationally fun Sugar Mags. But make sure you give the encore a listen, as Jerry kills it on It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue. The show was released as Dave's Picks 27.

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