Dead of the Day: 09-01-1969

Baton Rouge International Speedway

Prairieville, Louisiana

There is a very fine extant show from this date in 1979 in Rochester, New York. But our Dead of the Day is the other existing recording from September 1st at a raceway outside Baton Rouge as part of the first New Orleans International Pop Festival back in 1969. The Dead open their set with Casey Jones, playing it for just the tenth time. The song rips from the beginning, but it take the boys a few moments to find the theme, rolling along on a parallel track of sorts for a bit. The Morning Dew that bursts forth next is sweet with Pig – or is it TC? – roaring on organ. A short Mama Tried comes out next, followed up by one of the greatest versions of High Time ever, just listen to Jerry’s melancholy vocals and the harmonies the rest of the band provides, not to mention the fabulous organ. Easy Wind is no slouch either with Pig killing it on vocals and the boys laying in a rocking jam. Then Dark Star rolls out in pure ’69 form; the only thing you might say against it is that it only clocks in at seventeen minutes. Afterwards, though, we get a real treat – a fantastic romp – in the Stephen> William Tell bridge> Eleven. Following that, the Dead end their fairly short festival set with a steamy Lovelight, which, as you can imagine, has Pigpen wailing and rapping and the rest of the band jamming to the extreme.

Recording info
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‘- this source differs from the most recent previously circulating copy ( in that a). Casey Jones is not clipped b). The Yellow Dog Story which appears before Dark Star is not on this tape. The transition from the end of Easy Wind to the start of Dark Star on this tape is continuous. This would suggest that the Yellow Dog Story on the other source may not be from this date. c). The version of Lovelight on this source is complete (~24 minutes) except for a brief gap. The previous source cut after ~ 9 minutes Eaton lists: 09/01/69 Baton Rouge Speedway, Prairieville La – complete 4.4, 095min, Sbd, A0D1, Cass M->Dat 1, 44k,Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby->3700 x 0->3800 x 1 flaws d1t02 – brief partial loss left channel 2:24, 5:43, 6:46, 7:40, 5:05 brief partial loss right channel d1t04 ~ 4:58, two very brief partial losses left channel d2t01 – cut ~0:05 d2t01 ~ 2:46 brief garbled section left channel d2t01 ~ 8:08 brief partial loss both channels d2t01 ~ 8:52 some digi-type or transcription noise (minor) d2t02 – brief partial loss left channel 1:37 d2t03 – brief partial loss left channel 8:08 d2t04 – brief partial loss left channel 6:37 d2t04 – gap ~9:45 followed by volume variations and what not for about 10 seconds d2t04 – brief partial loss left channel 10:22, 11:01, 23:32
(Banter), Casey Jones, Morning Dew-> Mama Tried-> High Time, Easy Wind, (Banter), Dark Star-> Saint Stephen-> The Eleven-> Turn On Your Love Light
SBD > MC (Ampex C-90 cassette) > DAT > CD-R
Andy Lemieux, Kingbee, Matt Vernon
Introduction > Casey Jones
Morning Dew
Mama Tried
High Time
Easy Wind
Dark Star
Saint Stephen
The Eleven
Turn On Your Love Light
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Stories of the New Orleans International Pop Festival abound on the internet, and one thing that just about all of them include is references to seriously drunk southerners. For instance, you cannot hear it on the recording, but a number of people talk about a group of drunk guys near the front who kept yelling for White Rabbit throughout the Dead’s set. Jefferson Airplane had played right before the Dead, and, as you would expect, Grace Slick was not about to oblige the obnoxious loudmouths by playing it. By the time the Dead started their set, the drunk dudes had a few more and might not even have noticed – and certainly did not care – that a new band had taken the stage.

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2 responses to “09-01-1969”

  1. John Avatar

    Probably earliest Casey Jones I’ve heard. Nice show to chill with on an insomniac night. Morning Dew is spectacular.

  2. Marshall Avatar

    good tunes, and easy living man

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