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April 22, 1977

The Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On this night, the Dead opened up the spring tour of 1977, which was quite possibly the greatest stretch of shows the band ever performed. Over the course of the next month and a half, the boys would play thirty phenomenal shows, working their way north to Barton Hall from Philly, making a quick turn to the Midwest, spinning through the South, and then catching a show in Hartford before jumping out to a final four dates in California. While May of ’77 gets all the accolades, these April shows - as well as the June ones - are just as stratospheric. Here at the Spectrum, the highlights are legion, including the noteworthy three songs at the end of the first set: a rare early Estimated, a beautiful Peggy-O, and the last first set Playin’ of the year (and, more or less, for the Dead’s history). The second set is simply jammed with high points from the Scarlet> Fire straight through to the Terrapin closer. Enjoy this show and prepare for the greatness that will unfold over the next seven weeks.

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