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April 15, 1983

War Memorial Auditorium
Rochester, New York

The night gets going with Shakedown, and from the opening notes, it is clear the evening holds something special. And indeed it did. In the midst of a tremendous show, just after a delightful shot of Brent on Maybe You Know, the boys take it into a beautiful He’s Gone that builds and folds back in on itself repeatedly, making for a magical tapestry. And right as the band starts to let the theme go and grasps for the next song - what everyone imagined was going to be Truckin’ based on the position in the set or maybe the Other One from a few languid notes - Bobby takes to the mic and delivers a whole new tune, comprised of just two verses. After the vocals, the band continues to jam along in a sort of spacey, noir-ish manner, seemingly hinting at the Other One. But the bus never comes, and Mickey and Billy end up taking over. The tune, which became known as either Bob Star or Little Star, made its appearance again the next night - with the band heading fully into the Other One afterwards - and, for the third and final time, on June 20, 1983. On this night in Rochester, the fireworks do not end with the debut of this fleeting Bobby tune, but continue with a raucous post-Space boogie-fest before the All Over Now, Baby Blue encore.

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