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March 28, 1969

Modesto Junior College Student Center
Modesto, California
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This is another show from Spring of 1969 where the Dead deliver every single night. And this show from Modesto Junior College is as good as any of them. The tape cuts into a raging Schoolgirl, which Pig struts through in full-on bad-ass form. After Pig gives a quick “thank you” at the end, the band completely switches gears, rolling out a fantastic Dark Star. It is marvelous from the start, but the last half - as Jerry drives forward with crystalline runs - is sure to raise goosebumps. Problem-laden, but still so good, versions of Stephen and The Eleven follow before a haunting, perfectly rendered Death Don’t Have No Mercy comes forth. Then, Pig asserts control once again, driving a balling Lovelight, which Jerry and the drummers make sublime. The second set is a bit short, made up entirely of an Other One suite that is fairly standard fare - meaning downright incredible - for 1969.

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