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February 11, 1989

Great Western Forum
Inglewood, California

This is a very fine early 1989 show that has amazing sound quality.

The boys never blow your socks off in the first set, but there is lots to like in there. Bobby has some fun with Minglewood and Big River, while Jerry delivers a solid Candyman. Even some of the tunes that could have been set killers, like the Built to Last and the We Can Run, turn out fairly well. And the band rewards the crowd with a tasty Bird Song to top off the set.

In the second set, the Dead come out strong with a nice China>Rider. The Women Smarter surely has everyone on their feet before a more sedate, but quite good Standing on the Moon follows. The Estimated rocks, but rather than just send it into Drums, Jerry sings a languid - and I think ill-timed - I Will Take You Home. The rare post-Space Eyes is welcome, and the rest of the night goes off well.

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