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February 10, 1989

Great Western Forum
Inglewood, CA

While I would take this show over just about anything a few years later, the Dead are just a little lackluster this night, from top to bottom. The Sugar Mags might be the closest thing to smoking the band gets. The biggest problem throughout the night seems to be that Jerry is just not firing on all cylinders. It is also hard to really appreciate this show given some of the sound glitches in the recording. Regardless, it seems pretty clear that after seriously bringing it the first two shows of 1989, the Dead slipped back into a little more mediocrity. But, of course, even the Dead's off nights can still be transcendent if you look at them right. And, there are more than a few people on Archive who find this show to be a stunner, with a "phgrant" even calling it the best of spring 1989. So, perhaps you should just give it a listen and judge for yourself.

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