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Dead of the Day: December 5, 1981

Market Square Arena
Indianapolis, Indiana

Brent, Jerry, and Bobby are firing away from the very beginning with a stunning Alabama Getaway. Then the boys go into a Promised Land in which Bobby’s voice is a little off, but the playing itself is bright and focused. After that, they switch gears into a sweet Friend Of The Devil, made all the more so by Jerry’s vocals and muted explosiveness on the guitar. From there, it is back to a Bobby tune with his voice sounding just dandy now. The band plays CC Rider at regular speed until going all Elvis and zipping off in mesmerizing fashion about halfway through. The rest of the first set continues to deliver, leading up to an incredible Passenger, which quakes with Phil’s bombs. Then, to top off the set, the boys lay into an amazing Bird Song, which segues into a tasty Let It Grow. Out of the break, a ridiculously good Shakedown comes out, going off into some really funky, spacey territory without ever leaving the theme behind. After a solid Sailor> Saint and Big RR Blues, Playin’ chases off into sparkling fields of technicolor then starts massaging you with its rolling brilliance all the way to Drums and Space. The latter of the two is a spooky underwater treat. And slowly building out of the watery ether is a splendid Wheel, lovely and comforting after the Space. A Playin’ reprise comes on the tail of The Wheel, and then it is the majesty of Stella. As you might expect, a rocking Sugar Mags sees the set out.

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