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Dead of the Day: November 25, 1973

Feyline Field
Tempe, Arizona
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On this soundboard, Promised Land takes right off out of nowhere, and Jerry’s guitar does the same, combining with Bobby's rocking vocals and Keith's romping keys for a energetic start to the show. The Sugaree that follows is top shelf as well, pleading and pleading to a powerful crescendo. And, with the band on a terror during this western swing of the fall ’73 tour, it should not surprise anyone that the rest of the first set smokes as well. For instance, after the band eviscerates the end of Black Throated Wind, they turn to a heady Jed, throughout which Jerry - with some added help from the rest of the boys, especially Keith - pulls out some tasty runs. Then it is a polka-heavy, perfectly conceived Mexicali, all leading up to a masterful China> Rider. And, to cap off all the loveliness of the first set, the Dead deliver a thrilling, jazzy Playin’; just watch out for Donna’s sudden moans. After Around And Around takes it out of the break, an Eyes picks up right where the Playin’ left off, with a jazzy, expansive jam. Then a Weather Report Suite comes out, lovely throughout, but launching off into full-fledged outer space on the wings of the late jam in Let It Grow. The Eyes> WRS is the meat of the second set, but there is still quite a bit of excellent music left to go, including a bright, absolutely rocking Sugar Magnolia and a similarly styled GDTRFB. And then they put the show to bed with an encore of We Bid You Goodnight, which might not be the best version they ever did, but is sweet and welcome as always.  

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