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Dead of the Day: November 13, 1972

Sailors' and Soldiers' Memorial Hall
Kansas City, Kansas

With, once again, only a few extant shows from this date, our Dead of the Day takes us out to what was surely a phenomenal show back in ’72. Unfortunately, our recording here is a mix of two audience tapes, one of poor quality and the other a rather good specimen recorded by Bear himself. If you can stand the hiss on the first section, you will be rewarded with some finely paced, expansive renditions, like the Cold Rain And Snow opener. But it is pretty hard to really enjoy the show, even if you can appreciate the sweet, reserved energy on a song like Box Of Rain, given the high-generation scratchiness. Fortunately, the best part of the show is rendered in clear - if not crystal - form on the Owsley portion, which encompasses the Playin’ through the Johnny B. Goode. There, the highlight is surely the Dark Star> Dew. The Dark Star goes through several different moods, all perfectly resplendent despite their deep spaciness. Then, about two-thirds of the way through, the boys - or should we say Phil - storm into a Philo Stomp. While they pretty much lose the Dark Star theme at that point, it also ushers in some incredible playing and withering jams - including a Feelin’ Groovy Jam at the end - with the entire band firing seamlessly. Then they come to a bit of a lull, as if they are going to bring the Dark Star to a conclusion, but, instead, Jerry lets loose that ringing opening note of Morning Dew, and suddenly we are off again into another amazing ride, this one so haunting it is capable of raising the hair on the back of your neck. 

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