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Dead of the Day: November 10, 1967

Shrine Auditorium
Los Angeles, California

Viola Lee takes the show out of the gate, driving forward in fine form until halfway through when the jam turns utterly frenetic. With Pig raging, Jerry blowing up, and the rest of the band playing so tight, it might be one of the very best specimens of primal Dead out there. The Hurts Me Too that comes out next is even more bluesy with a lot less of the psychedelic edge of the Viola Lee. Then that Morning Dew is thick with barely restrained energy, which gets unleashed during the final few minutes. In between the Dew and Schoolgirl, Jerry provides some hysterical banter. But before too long, the boys get into that Schoolgirl, and it will utterly blow your mind. Phil starts off with some heavy bombs as the rest of the boys come in, Pig joining last on the harp. Every note seems perfectly placed in some chaotically awesome manner, as far removed from planned as possible. Pig balls, but without the full-on bawdiness of later years, preserving a level of fluidity and sweetness. Afterwards, the band launches into the third Other One ever. The suite is the low point of the show, but that is not saying much in this august company of heady tunes. After a Neal Cassady rap that is almost surely from an acid test on a different date, the last forty minutes of music begin, taking us on an epic trip through Alligator> Drums> Alligator> Caution> Feedback. Throughout, the tempo and fervor ebbs and flows as the Dead put on an intense, ranging display of utter psychedelic brilliance. If you are not already a fan of early Dead, this show will make you one. And if you have already been indoctrinated, then go on and enjoy this sacred relic.

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