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Dead of the Day: November 6, 1979

The Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There are several good shows on this date, namely all the 70s ones, but none really stand abvoe the rest. So, we decided to go out to the city of Brotherly Love in 1979 for our Dead of the Day. The first set has some real gems, including the Tennessee Jed and a surprisingly fresh Jack-A-Roe. And the set concludes with a feisty Jack Straw into an always solid Deal. The boys do not wait to get rolling in the second stanza, starting off with a wicked, psychedelic Terrapin that thoroughly jams out at the end before sort of dropping right into Playin’. Playin’ is the real highlight of the show as the boys just take off, traveling into galaxies unknown. Jerry is absolutely mesmerizing throughout, the drummers add so much - how about that cowbell! - and Phil throws in some serious runs. Brent also sends up some crazy space-war sound effects in the latter half on top of his own hot playing throughout, making for an even more otherworldly experience. After Drums and Space, a lovely, tender Black Peter comes out, transitioning into a full-throttle Good Lovin’ to send it out. The set might have been short on songs, but it was not lacking in tasty jams. At the end, a US Blues encore finally caps the night.

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