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Dead of the Day: November 1, 1979

Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, New York

Jack Straw gets things going with powerful runs, driven by the fluid, deep drumming. From the get-go, it is clear that the band is on and that we have a super tasty matrix recording capturing the best of the soundboard and audience. A few songs later, a sweet Peggy-O comes out as Jerry’s guitar leads the way with spare, meaningful licks and exquisite backing by Brent. Another highlight of the early going is the Looks Like Rain. Bobby takes the lead on the guitar until suddenly Jerry comes to the fore, laying down a wonderful series of runs. And if you are a sucker for Brent tunes, do not miss the Easy To Love You before a rocking Promised Land takes it into the break. As good as the first half is, the second blows it away, starting with a sensationally epic Scarlet> Fire. At forty minutes in total (only bested in length by October 14, 1994), this thing has everything, but our favorite is the freaky, alien jamming during the second half of Scarlet. After that mouth-watering Fire On The Mountain, the boys opt for a relatively short, though far from lacking, Samson. The Terrapin that comes out next is standard, which is to say amazing. What’s more, it leads into a lovely Playin’. Brent is all over this show, but his contributions on the Playin’, though not as close to the front as on others this night, are mesmerizing and really seem to prod Bobby and, especially, Jerry to step it up a notch further. From Playin’, they cede the stage to the drummers and then come into Space. Post-Space is a little attenuated, but includes a gripping Black Peter and a fun, bone shaking Good Lovin’.

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