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Dead of the Day: October 1, 1994

Boston Garden
Boston, Massachusetts
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Other shows from this date - try 1976 - are quite good, but the this show from 1994 at the Boston Garden stands out as one of the best of the year. It is rare to find a show from the mid-‘90s that shines from top to bottom, but this night is filled with enlightened playing throughout. The show starts strong with a Help> Slip> Franklin’s opener. Slipknot! blazes into some dark and active territory, raising images of a massive battle raging amongst the stars. But then the boys transition out of the otherworldly to reign over a terrestrial landscape with the sublimity of Franklin’s Tower. The Walkin’ Blues that comes out next is a treat too, especially with Vince’s enchanting keys. The rest of the first set is outstanding, but the So Many Roads rises above it all with Jerry’s sweet vocals, the subtle backing vocals of the rest of the band, and the perfect playing. The Scarlet Begonias launches the second set straight into the heady reaches of the upper atmosphere as the boys just sound like they are having a blast and the crowd roars its approval throughout. Things get just a little spacey towards the end before the band transitions into Fire with some funky, varied sounds. Fire On The Mountain itself is a mammoth beast, coming it at well over fifteen minutes of lively jamming. A few songs later, a fine Terrapin comes out, heading off into its own spacey realm before the rest of the band leaves the stage to the drummers. After Drums and Space, a fun Last Time leads into an exquisite Stella Blue that is breathtaking. The whole show is excellent, capable of holding its own against most any show.

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